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Thermobreak™ Thermal Insulation
Thermobreak™ is a leading flexible thermal insulation material made from physically crosslinked, closed-cell, polyolefin foam, thermally fused to pure reinforced aluminum foil. Thermobreak™ is also available with adhesive backing. Thermobreak™ Tube insulation is a preformed tube thermal insulation for steel, copper and plastic pipes.

Thermobreak™ thermal insulation provides superior energy saving performance. It has a lower thermal conductivity than other flexible closed cell thermal insulation materials and has near zero vapour permeability. Its all-in-one concept enables fast and simple installation, and trouble free operation, in a variety of environments.

Thermobreak™Thermal Insulation and Thermobreak™ Tube are manufactured in Australia and Thailand.
Advantages of Thermobreak™
• Optimum Thermal Insulation - Thermobreak™ can solve tight clearance issues with its very low thermal conductivity (k = 0.032 W/mK @ 23 Deg C).

• Water Vapour Resistance – Thermobreak™s negligible water vapour permeance (8.19 X10-15 Kg/Pa.s.m) means no additional vapour barriers or coatings are required.

• Safe To Use - Thermobreak™ is completely user friendly and does not emit fibres or dust during installation or in service. Thermobreak™ is non irritant, odourless, and will not support bacterial growth.

• Easy To Drill & Cut - Thermobreak™ contributes to reducing installation time of mechanical services that may be installed afterwards.

• Appearance & Durability - Thermobreak™ provides an appearance and performance that remains unchanged for the life of the building without sagging or giving a quilted look.

• Extensive Technical Support – including ThermaCalc™ computer selection program with full analysis of heat flows, technical information bulletins, independent laboratory testing and Certification.

• Fire and Smoke Standards - Extensively tested to various international fire and smoke standards, such as British (BS) , ASTM, Australian (AS), ISO, and UL Standards. Numerous National body approvals (PSB, HKFS, BOMBA, Qatar Civil Defense, Bahrain Civil Defense, Dubai Municipality).

• Green Building Compliant - Certified Green Star product (VOC), Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP), Made without Ozone destroying agents such as CFCs or HCFCs

• Backed by the financial and technical strength of a global company with locally based engineers.
Application Areas
• Duct Insulation
• Raised Floor Insulation
• Underslab Insulation
• AC Unit Insulation (OEM/AHU/FCU/VAV)
• Water Pipe Insulation
• Tank Insulations.
• Thickness: 3 mm to 50 mm (5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 25mm, 50mm Standard)
• Width: 1 m to 1.7m wide (1.0m, 1.2m Standard)
• Lengths: 2m to 50m length (to suit application / thickness dependant)
Thermobreak™ Thermal Insulation and Thermobreak™ Tube applications include:
Thermobreak™ Thermal Insulation:
Thermobreak™ Tube:
• Tube Wall: 10mm to 50mm
• Tube ID: 10mm to 219mm, (avail for all common sizes of Copper, Steel & Plastic pipe)
• Length: 2m standard
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