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Official Disitributors to UK & Ireland for ThermoBreak Insulation Products - Over 20 Years in the Insulation supplies and service industry
Thermobreak is a leading flexible thermal insulation material made from Physically (irradiation) Crosslinked closed-cell, polyolefin foam, factory bonded to pure, reinforced aluminium foil and acrylic tissue adhesive.

With a lower thermal conductivity than any other flexible insulation material, almost zero vapour permeability, and its all-in-one concept, Thermobreak provides superior energy saving performance, fast and simple installation, and trouble -free operation in a variety of environments.
• Physically (irradiation) Crosslinked foam
• Best insulation of any flexible insulation materials ( 0.032 W/mK) @ 23 Deg C
• Better vapour permeability resistance than any other flexible insulation material 8.19 X10-15 Kg/Pa.s.m)
• Fastest installation than any other flexible insulation material
• Non fibrous. Will not allow bacterial growth
• Engineered cell size for optimum insulation performance
• No additional vapour barriers or coatings required
• Certified to international Fire and Smoke standards
• Supported by ThermaCalc® computer selection program and project analysis
• Backed by the financial and technical strength of a global company with locally based engineers
• COST Effective
Fire and Smoke Standards
Extensively tested to various international fire and smoke standards, such as British (BS) , ASTM, Australian ( AS), ISO, and UL Standards

Numerous National body approvals (PSB, HKFS, BOMBA, Qatar Civil Defense, Bahrain Civil Defense, Dubai Municipality).
Independently Tested and Certified
Critical insulation performance factors such as thermal conductivity, vapour permeability, as well as fire performance, smoke density and toxicity are tested and certified by independent laboratories. Copies of all the certificates are included in our Technical Information Kit.
Green Building Compliant
• Certified Green Star product (VOC)
• Zero Global Warming Potential ( GWP)
• Made without Ozone destroying agents such as CFCs or HCFCs.
• ISO 1400
Application Areas
• Duct Insulation
• Roof Insulation
• Raised Floor Insulation
• Underslab Insulation
• AC Unit Insulation (OEM)
Health and Safety
• Completely user friendly, does not emit dust or fibre particles in service or during installation
• Non irritant and odourless
• Does not allow build up of bacteria contamination
• Resistant to fungi
Extensive Technical support
• ThermaCalc TM computer selection program with full analysis of heat flows
• Technical information bulletins
• Full documentation Manuals
• Independent laboratory testing and Certification
Email : info@dmosheainsulation.com